Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a jetski licence?

No. Under Hire and Drive legislation, you don’t need a licence if you are participating in an organised trip under the supervision of an appropriately qualified guide.

Are the prices per person or per jetski?

Prices are per jetski and we don’t charge anything extra if you want to bring a passenger provided your combined weight is less than 210kg. Maximum of 2 persons per jetski.

Can we share the driving?

Yes, you are welcome to take turns.

What are the minimum ages?

To ride solo, 16 years but you do need your parent’s or guardian’s permission. We will allow 12, 13 , 14 and 15 year olds to drive provided they have someone over 18 on the back wearing a safety lanyard.

We have never driven a jetski before. Is that a problem?

To ride solo, 16 years but you do need your parent’s or guardian’s permission. We will allow 12, 13 , 14 and 15 year olds to drive provided they have someone over 18 on the back.

Will you cancel a trip because of bad weather?

Very unlikely! We operate in Pumicestone Passage and it is largely protected from big seas and strong winds by Bribie Island. You’ll get wet anyway, so intermittent rain is not a problem, Normally, we will sit out a passing shower and resume the trip when the rain stops. In rare circumstances where rain is heavy and persistent, we will cancel the trip and arrange an alternative mutually agreeable time.

How old is too old?

You are never too old. Our oldest rider was 83 and she loved it. However, if you have a serious back problem, are about to give birth or have just got out of an operating theatre, we tend to get nervous and suggest you seek medical advice. If there’s anything you think the guide should know ( eg. A disability, poor hearing or eyesight, perhaps diabetes), please pipe up so we can put appropriate precautions in place.

Do you provide safety equipment?

Yes, we provide Personal Flotation Devices. Sunglasses are recommended -bring your own cheapies or buy a pair from us. If you are wearing prescription glasses, we have straps available for just $10. In a post COVID-19 era, using your own sunscreen is advisable. Bring a cap if you are worried about your scalp, but bandanas are better! Buy one of ours if you need to, or pinch the tea towel from home. Wear what you are happy to get wet in – bathers, boardies, bikinis – we are not fussy – but bring some dry clothes because you will get wet. In cooler months we can supply wetsuits if you ask for them.

Do we have to book?

Yes. Most definitely. If you rock up unannounced, we may not be there. We might be out on the water, we might be fully booked or we might be elsewhere doing other business things. The earlier you book, the more choice you have, but 24 hours notice is great. However, if you’re the impulsive type, give us a ring, text us or send an email and we’ll try our darndest to fit you in. If we don’t pick up, get online and book it yourself.

Do we need to play a deposit?

We prefer full payment when you make the booking.

When do we need to turn up?

Turn up five or ten minutes before the time nominated on your booking. We will take you through a safety briefing, some of the basic boating rules and show you how to use the machines before we head out onto the water. We will even do a couple of simple exercises to make sure you get used to the machines before we pick up speed.

Do we need to take our own camera?

It is safer to leave your camera (and mobile phones) on shore. We take lots of action pics so you don’t have to put your own camera at risk. We will post them straight to Facebook for you to download absolutely free of charge.

Are there minimum numbers?

If we have scheduled a trip, and you want to go, we’ll take you even if you are the only one. If you want to do a trip at an unscheduled time, we normally need to have two skis on the trip.

If I don’t feel like riding my own ski, can I go with the guide?

Yes, it’s half price to do any of the regular scheduled trips if you ride with the guide. Alternatively, why not design your own trip and let the guide take you there? Heaps of options available.