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Pumicestone Passage Jetski Rental

Got your own jetski licence? If so, this might be for you. We’ve just made it easier to rent a jetski from Caloundra or from Bribie Island. The jetski is already on the water, with a full tank of fuel, all the safety gear and even maps to keep you safe.

And we let you go further than ever before - you are free to explore all of Pumicestone Passage, from Bribie Bridge in the south to Bulcock Beach at Caloundra.

We think you will have more fun coming on one of our regular trips - but this is a great alternative if you have got a jetski licence, and a group of family and friends but no ski!

Price: Caloundra : $400 for four hours including briefing, no more to pay. Bribie: $350 for four hours including briefing, plus refuel on your return.

Available only February 1 to December 24 subject to availability.

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Come for a Spin!

We travel between Caloundra and Bribie Island most days. Hitch a ride with the guide for $160 return. Spend a few hours on Bribie or… Take a quick spin or do one of the trips for half the cost on the guide’s ski, or create your own guided adventure. There's a whole ship load of reasons why getting on the guide's jetski might make sense:

1. There's seven in your group - and only room for six on the hired jetskis. Get on Ken's ski and don't miss out on the Bribie Blast, the Glasshouse Twister, the City Explorer or the Sunshine Coast Jetski Epic.

2. You want to do the trip… but you don’t want to pay full price.

3. You're the laid back type... and would prefer to let someone else do the driving - and besides you are more interested in the scenery than the agility of these very quick machines.

4. You want to do something different - go to places the other trips don't. Ken can take you.

5. Fancy a day on a virtually secluded beach on Bribie Island - ten minutes on a jetski will get you there and we will come and pick you up when you're ready to come home.

6. You want to have a picnic on Bribie Island – and getting there and back on a jetski sounds pretty cool.

You do the sums : If you want to do one of our regular scheduled trips, it’s half the cost of driving yourself…. But the options are endless.

For customised adventures and charters, we charge $120 an hour.

Talk to Ken on 0434 330 660.